In Oslo I had a 15 hour stop over between flights. With careful planning I was able to visit the the Barcode district in the heart of Oslo. The repeating pattens found in the tower blocks were ideal for photography.

As I flew from Oslo to Tromso I could see the landscape turn white as the snow increased. I arrived at Oskhornon on Senja to capture the dramatic cliffs capped with snow.

I climbed Segla on my second day in Senja. As I climbed through the thick snow I arrived on the summit to witness the most amazing mountains in just about every direction. While waiting for the sun to break through the clouds I had to endure incredibly  strong gusts of wind and blizzard conditions.

My day was flipped on its head as I slept through the day and took my photos at night. The sun typically set about midnight and would rise at 1am so the night was non existent. I found camping was the most obvious choice so I bought a semi geodesic tent.

I found the roads to be so strange as roads would wiggle around the coast and tunnels would stretch for kilometers. The towns were mainly very small and picturesque, nestled under the foot of some stunning mountains and next to white sandy beaches.

I had to constantly stop the car as around every corner was a mountain out of The Lord of the Rings. All the peaks were incredibly steep and jagged at the summit. I found many mountains that were the classic cone shape.

I kept seeing signs for Moose however it took several days before I saw my first one. My initial reaction involved expletives as I suddenly came across the largest wild animal I had ever seen. It was as tall as my Suzuki and looked very imposing.

I also saw White tailed Sea Eagles, Ptarmigan, Otters and Whooper Swans. I have now photographed Whooper Swans in Iceland, the UK and in Norway. I spent time watching these two individuals, eventually coming together in a fleeting moment.

After several days in Norway I still hadn't seen the midnight sun. When I finally got some decent weather I had the most intense photographic session. It lasted for 6 hours as golden light turned to the red glow which in turn became pink skies. Just when it looked like it was all over the skies suddenly started lighting up and I was only half way through the night.

I planned my trip loosely around seeing the full moon from the summit of Ryten. As I began the climb mist and low cloud dampened my hopes, however on the summit the clouds cleared and the moon appeared. The movement of the moon gave me a sense that I was living on a spherical object as it moved along the horizon, not gaining or losing height.

As the night progressed on Ryten I watched as the fjords filled with mist presenting me with a mist inversion as the sun appeared. As I descended I was treated to a brocken spectre as the sunlight shone on the mist below me.

I concluded my holiday to Norway by visiting the picturesque beaches of Haukland and Uttakliev. I ended up standing knee deep in the freezing Arctic water to make full use of the dramatic perspective of the 16-35mm f/2.8.