The morning began with Bride and Groom getting ready. The rooms were placed at the other ends of the hotel to avoid the two meeting however the Bride by mistake nearly walked past the Groom.

I had a large list of group shots to tick off my list and the difficulty was to get the group smiling. I began with the classic "cheese" and "spleen" but ended up trying different words. The word for this shot of the Hen party was too rude to write on this blog.

The Grange Hotel was stunning with gorgeous grounds and a grand entrance which became the backdrop for both these images. The sparkling bokeh in the background is a chandelier that I feel really completes both these images.

With the photos of the Bride and Groom I wanted images that didn't look staged. I enjoyed capturing the intimate pictures as the couple would share a joke or tell each other a secret. The couple are not looking at the camera but more importantly into one another's eyes.

The wedding breakfast began with speeches from the best man Eric, the Brides father Mike and the Groom himself Mark. Each speech was superbly written and basically insulted Mark's terrible driving skills and love of whiskey.

The evening concluded with a live band (Busk) and a hog roast. I continued capturing pictures using the full capabilities of the my 50mm f/1.4 low light lens and the high ISO performance of the Canon 6D.