My first morning in Iceland began in the small town of Vik. A small gap in the horizon appeared at sunrise to present me with one of the most stunning sunrises I have ever seen. The sea stacks at Vik are said to be Trolls frozen by the rising sun.

Vik is a small settlement of around 200 inhabitants however its remote location makes it an important settlement. One morning when I left Vik I didn't see another building, car or person for over an hour, I then realised how remote parts of Iceland are.

While I was in Iceland I couldn't resist the odd picture of myself. I would connect the camera to my phone and then capture the image I wanted. In these pictures I'm in front of Skogafoss, a Viking film set and Reynisfjara Sea Stacks.

I couldn't really appreciate the majesty of a glacier until I first visited Jokulsarlon. I had my doubts about the location after seeing so many other photographers produce similar images. When I arrived I concentrated on the patterns and shapes within the ice.

The only sunset I got to witness was just as stunning as the first sunrise on the trip. I went to the sublime mountain range of Vestrahorn. I tried to capture the entire scene but chose to zoom in on the peaks as the sunset produced its most intense colours.

I only had the opportunity to photograph the Aurora Borealis on one occasion. I used the 135mm f/2.0 to photograph these shots of the Aurora. In each shot the Northern Lights would move across the sky producing different colours and patterns.

On one of the final days of the trip the entire south coast of Iceland was covered in deep snow. I had to drive 300 miles through a blizzard, my Suzuki Vitara had snow tyres on so I had no problems with the handling at all.

On the final day I visited the Capital of Reykjavik. I climbed the tower of Hallgrimskirkja, the tallest in the city, to photograph twilight and then the early morning. Afterwards I then explored the city and found some very cooperative Redwings and Whooper Swans.

I returned at sunset to photograph the interior of the church HalIgrimskirkja. As I was lining up my camera precisely for the organ  I seemed to attract other tourists to take pictures from my same vantage point in the church.

In front of the church is an impressive statue of Leifr Eiricsson. I captured this icon of the city at twilight with the architecture of Hallgrimskirkja behind. This was the final image from Iceland and is the final image in my blog.