The Herdwick Sheep are an incredible breed. They endure the worst of winter on top of the Lake District fells. The breed were a favourite of Beatrix Potter and she became the first woman to be elected president of the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association. I first became interested in these sheep when I noticed how inquisitive and bold they were. They often stand in the middle of the road and are able to climb fences and walls. For the film I used my Canon 6D to film most of the action including the entire sequence of a birth. However the highlight of the filming came when I worked alongside a farmer to attach a GoPro to a sheep.

Using equipment supplied by Panasonic I have completed a filming project based around the Lizard Point in Cornwall. I used time-lapse to help create a dynamic feel to the clip and capture events which would otherwise go unnoticed. The Lizard Point was an obvious choice to do this film as it has a nice blend between farmland, coastline and historic buildings which is always alive with wildlife.


After publishing the video on the Lizard National Trust facebook page this video received a lot of attention and with the help of 198 shares this video was seen by 34,444 people. I was overwhelmed by the amount of comments this video received and I was amazed when Panasonic shared my video on their facebook page.

Pip loves chasing balls and jumping in the water. Enjoy this short video about the life of a ranger's dog. This is my second video for the National Trust and it couldn't be more different. With this video I used a Panasonic FZ330 which I chose from the Panasonic website because of its ability to shoot 4K and focal length of 600mm. I didn't get to use this camera to its full potential but was happy with the limited usage I did get out of it.