The holiday began with a stop off in Bristol where I got the opportunity to meet with friends and photographed the Clifton Suspension Bridge. As I was leaving Bristol I got the opportunity to see an urban fox that was very relaxed by my presence, however the light was quickly fading.

I like vantage points as they allow you to experiment with different compositions. I climbed the Great Ormes Head to capture the views over Llandudno, as I arrived at the summit I was greeted by a herd of goats with the town as a backdrop.

The weather was a challenge throughout my trip and it took me several visits to capture the street lights of Llandudno from the Great Ormes Head. I woke up at 3am to capture this image, from the summit I could see the Welsh coast for miles around.

Throughout the weekend the forecast was heavy rain however this didn't stop me from exploring Anglesey. As I was exploring the island I came across this Chough foraging for insects. I had to lay flat down in a puddle to capture this photo as it was foraging.

The most special moment of the trip was when the lights in the early evening lit up Conwy Castle. I positioned the castle with the bridge in the foreground and the mountain as a backdrop. The image is a panoramic crop taken from 4 images.

On my final night in Wales I was treated to a stunning sunset at South Stack lighthouse. The cliffs surrounding the lighthouse were spectacular mainly due to their height but also because of the 4000 Guillemots and Razorbills.

I visited a few woodlands throughout my stay in Wales. In Snowdonia I captured a mossy woodland in misty conditions. On Anglesey I was looking for the Red Squirrels in a Coniferous Woodland. Finally in the Cotwolds I photographed an Avenue of planted trees with Broadway Tower in the distance.